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Satellite and Mounting Blocks
Antal Products has specially designed mounting blocks for Satellite Dish and Eletrical Box installation. Our Mounting Blocks will protect your home and make your satellite dish or eletrical box more secure. All Mounting Blocks are made of durable polyurethane that can be painted or stained to match any desired color.
Satellite Block - SB-8051-DBL
•Fits Double 5/8" lap 4" Siding
•Outside Dimensions: 10" x 7"

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Satellite Block - SB-8053-DBL
•Fits Double 1/2" or
5/8" lap 5"Siding
•Outside Dimensions: 12" x 8"
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Satellite Block - SB-8054-DBL
•Fits Double Lap Siding
• Outside Dimensions:
12" x 8"
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Can be used for mounting satellites...
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Satellite Block Mount - Before
Satellite Block Mount - After
Satellite Block Mount
 ...or electrical boxes.
Eletrical Box Mount - Before
Eletrical Box Mount - After
Eletrical Box Mount - No Bugs
A flush mount will keep insects from nesting behind your electrical box or
satellite dish.
Satellite Block Mount Install Diagram
Simply place the Satellite Block or Mounting Block between your siding and the dish arm/box and screw
it into place.
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