Mounting Blocks

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The simplest way to flush mount an electrical box to siding.
Antal has specially designed Mounting Blocks for electrical boxes. All Mounting Blocks are made of durable polyurethane that can be painted or stained to match desired color. Available in master packs.
Just attaching an electrical box to your siding creates gaps that invite insect infestation and permits the weather to rust out the back of the box
The Mounting Block mounts flush to your siding and the electrical box, preventing anything from getting between the box and your siding.
Mounting Blocks come in three styles to fit most siding and works
with aluminum or vinyl siding.
SB 8053-DBL
•Fits Double 1/2"
  or 5/8"  lap
•Outside  Dimensions:
 12" x 8"
SB 8051-DBL
•Fits Double 5/8"
  lap 4"  Siding
•Outside Dimensions:
 10" x 7"

SB 8054-DBL
•Fits Dutch lap siding
•Outside Dimension:    12" x 8"

A flush mount will keep insects from nesting behind the electrical box.
Mounting Blocks prevent damage to your siding and home without adding
another step to the installation.
Simply place the Mounting Block between your siding and the Electrical Box and screw it into place.  The Mounting Block prevents the electrical box from crushing your siding and keeps debris from getting behind the box. 
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